Biodegradable dustbin/Eco-friendly dustbin/Stylish cute dustbin/Dry waste dustbin for eliminating clutter/Perfectly sized Straw/dry grass/Seagrass/Kouna Grass room dustbin

$15.2   (42% OFF)

Product dimension :
length : 22
width :22
height :15
  • • This Straw/dry grass/Seagrass/Kouna Grass dustbin is environment friendly. It is super stylish and trendy.
  • • This creative dustbin can be used as an indoor dustbin. The neutral beige color tone suits best for every kind of home décor theme. It is made of premium quality Straw/Dry grass/Seagrass/Kouna Grass which prevents its look from degrading even after several years.
  • • This dry grass dustbin is an alternative to wicker dustbin. It can be used as a room dustbin or under the table dustbin for discarding dry waste such as paper scraps, wrappers, etc. It is available in dimensions of (L*H : 22*15 cm).
  • • The dustbin is made of organic material and can be referred to as green dustbin for enhancing the overall look of the space where you place it in. Washable and easy to clean using a damp cloth.
  • • The product is unique, exclusive, and one of a kind. It is handcrafted with immense love and efforts by talented artisans so you will never find two similar looking products.

Description of product

Biodegradable green dustbin/storage bin is the most suitable go to option when you pan on purchasing a dustbin for discarding dry waste. It is extremely versatile and can be carried along to a picnic or outing to prevent littering of the place around. Place it under your office table and eliminate the effort of getting up to throw paper scraps or used pens. The durability of the dustbin is worth investing in. It is handmade by skilled artisans for revamping the look of the entire space with a warm beige tone.



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