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Who We Are

“Sustainability + Simplicity”

HabereIndia is a purpose-led luxury home & lifestyle brand that is working towards a better and sustainable future. Each design is a blend of craftsmanship, carrying untold stories of materials that have deep roots in history; of people who hold a passion for their generation old craft; of products that have empowered hundreds of families; now bringing a meaning, a connection to your home.

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Indulge yourself in a day-out with our gleaming baskets that will make your favourite picnics memorable.

  • Premium Quality

    Made to last exquisite and strong products that support slow fashion

  • Women Empowerment

    Artisan made products that empower the whole community

  • Earth-Friendly

    Sustainably sourced and responsibly made

  • Thoughtful Design

    Decorative and functional products for a better lifestyle

  • Conscious gifting

    Celebrate a special occasion by gifting your loved ones something they will cherish forever.

    Gift Hamper Baskets - Handmade with Love

  • Bulk purchases

    Choose from our collection of assorted products and get great deals when you buy in quantities.


Firm neatly woven straw baskets made by women artisans of Rural India. Pleasing in every way, including the delicate 'grassy' smell!

Gift Hampers look beautiful and serves the purpose as well. They're value for money for me!

Rugs are definitely a must buy! Soft and sturdy. Adds an earthy warmth to the room. Highly recommended!