Retro Vintage smoking pipe/Kashmiri wood tobacco pipe/Classy Tobacco pipe

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Product dimension :

  • • Carry this tobacco pipe with you whenever you’re wearing a suit and look dapper. Reduce the effects of nicotine and tar by using the cigars available at Habere India.
  • • This multifunctional, fashionable and portable pipe can be an excellent gift to a close friend.

Description of product

The type of tobacco pipe you use says a lot about you as a person. Remain classy with the tobacco pipes from Habere India. This pipe is made from high quality Kashmiri wood, and is a wonderful choice for smokers. Along with its classical design, it’s easy to hold and its cigarette holder takes only food grade material. Its ergonomic and compact design makes it easier to use. Smoking with a pipe is healthier and more hygienic than smoking with a cigarette. It can decrease the possibility of the teeth and fingers getting yellow and can also effectively reduce the effects of tobacco tar.


Type Retro Vintage smoking pipe
Brand HabereIndia

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