Magic Box/storage box/Vintage Box/Kashmiri Wood Box

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Product dimension :

  • • You can hide your precious items like jewellery in this box so as to keep them away from the reach of children. You can also hideaway herbs, trinklets, tarot cards deck, incense, stamps, Feng Shui items or other collectible things.
  • • The dimension of the box is 3 inch X 2 inch X 1.3 inch and is sufficient enough to hold the secretive items. You can also gift this incredible box to your friends and loved one.
  • • You may also keep your savings in this box or trick your friends.

Description of product

Need to hide something? Shhh, we have found a way. Our magic box made exclusively by the artisans of Kashmir using one of the finest richly hued Kashmiri wood available. Not only is the box beautiful but also has great utility for storing small objects like accessories or other stuff you need to hide. Maybe your test papers? The box has a pattern inscribed on it and looks very sober and also adds a vintage charm to your décor.

Insert your 2 fingers in the two vertical lines on the left of the box and push them. Voila, you’ve just opened a magic box. Shhhh, keep this information to yourself.


Type Magic Storage Box
Brand HabereIndia

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