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Product dimension :

  • This is a product of handmade artistry.
  • 1. It is made with naturally-sourced fibres and is eco-friendly materials.
  • 2. This product, along with making your rooms look good, does not adversely affect the environment.
  • 3. Crafted with uni-colour, these carpets are made of braided jute and cloth materials to ensure high tenacity.
  • 4. This carpet is available in custom sizes of 8x12jute rug, 9x11 jute/cotton rug.
  • 5. It takes around two days to create one carpet.
  • 6. Please email on info@habereindia.com for custom orders.
  • 7.These carpets are made to order & have a making time of 7 to 10 days. We are facing these issues due to COVID, please bear the patience.
Shipping cost: ₹99

Description of product

These oval-shaped custom size rugs will fit perfectly in your living room interior. The natural colour of jute of this custom size carpet in an oval-shaped beauty is elegant and is ideal if you like your neutral tones in your room. This jute carpets/mats, not only increases the brightness of your room but also keeps it clean. This Indian rug is an ideal fit for your nature toned home. Apart from your living room, you can also use this in your dining area or as a centre table carpet in the patio to add some colour to the otherwise vacuous area. This cheap jute carpet with its intricately braided design will add a little bit of colour in your otherwise neutral-toned rooms.



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