Handmade marble soap dish/jail work soap dish/bathroom soap dish

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  • •\tIt suits your washroom. A marble soap dish will not only enhance the beauty of the washroom but will also add a charm to it. •\tIt optimizes the lifespan of your soap. When left in water the soap turns to be mushy, a soap dish can save your soap. •\tIt can be a cool gift for your friend's party.

Description of product

You have the washroom of your dreams, with the perfect shower, the perfect tiles, the perfect wash basin but when you go to wash your hands, it hits you that your soap dish doesn’t fit in the interiors of your washroom. Why not step up the soap dish? Bringing class to your washroom, here's our handmade marble soap dish. Why have a wooden or plastic soap dish when you can easily get a handmade marble soap dish at economical prices at Habere India? We always emphasize on elegant designs. This soap dish not only provides a better look to your washroom but also provides good resistance to corrosion and water effects. The soap dish comes in 2 variants of different sizes, choose the one that fits your needs.



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