HabereIndia - Talapatrachitras, (tala – palm, patra – leaf, chitra – illustration)

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  • •\tAwesome house warming gift. •\tIt makes a beautiful gift for a newly married couple. •\tYou can hang it in your home to spread positive vibes. •\tYou can also hang it in your workplace/temple

Description of product

Lord Ganesha, also known as the lord of beginnings, is said to spread good luck whenever something new is about to start. These beautiful paintings are hand painted by the artisans of Puri by sewing together the palm leaves of Puri. We have a lot of variants in the palm leaves paintings – coloured, black and white, brown. These paintings depict the story of Lord Ganesha, his birth, and the story behind his face. Made with the utmost care and dedication, these paintings are sure to spread good luck around you.



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