HabereIndia Small Train Dry Fruits Box

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Product dimension :

  • • You can Store dry fruits in it. Dry fruits are an essential part of one’s diet and have many benefits. Store your dry fruits in this antique looking box and keep it on your dining table, so that your kids can have a few before going to school.
  • • This beautiful and exquisite train can also be used to store your precious jewellery pieces. Every piece of jewellery tells a story and thus, they should be kept with utmost care. This elegant and handmade box from Rajasthan will add a charm to your dressing table.
  • • If there’s a wedding in your home, you can order many of these, available at great discounts, and fill it with sweets or dry fruits and gift it to your relatives. Even they’ll be able to enjoy the multiple uses of it.
  • • You can also use this box to keep the refreshments (mukhvaas) and keep it on your dining table so that after every meal you can have an everlasting taste of mukhvaas.
  • • You can also store chocolates and sweets and serve it whenever there’s a guest visiting your home.

Description of product

Welcome the happy times or the season of festivals and celebrate with Family and Friends with this multi-purpose train made from paper machè technique is a regional speciality of Rajasthan. Designed and decorated intricately, this train is sure to add more happiness to your celebrations. The train has two compartments and is truly a masterpiece. It has an engine and beautifully designed borders too. The wheels have flower motifs designed very carefully. This premium quality train is dirt resistant, dimensionally accurate and has a captivating design.


Brand HabereIndia

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