HabereIndia - Dry grass/ Natural Cane/ Chic Dry Grass bag/ handbag from Manipur /carry tote bag

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Product dimension :
length : 8.5 inch
width :5 inch
height :7.5 inch
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  • •\tMaterial: This beauty is handwoven using dry grass in a boho chic design. It has a lid on the top and has a very aesthetic design.
  • At habereindia, we don't compromise in quality, thus, this bag-basket is superior in quality and available at a very economical price.
  • •\tCarry this basket to picnics and set trends. This basket can be used as a casserole to keep the food fresh and hot for a picnic.
  • •\tThis is a must have for all your trips. If you are always looking for new trends, you can use this basket with your dresses too, it will add a style statement to your outfit. The basket depicts the simplicity of Manipur. This basket is not only elegant but also an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.
  • •\tThe length of the basket is 21.5 cm, breadth 12 cm, and height 19.05 cm.
  • •\tStandard shipping takes about 5-7 days, depending on the availability of the product.
  • •\tSufficient space: The basket is very spacious and trendy. You can also carry it to food picking or flower picking sprees
  • It is an excellent alternative to plastic bags.

Description of product

Make a style statement with our dry grass boho basket. Carry your makeup products or fruits around, this multipurpose basket will come in handy whenever you need it. Secured with a button, this basket is durable and beautiful. Developed by artisans with their utmost love and passion and with each and every detail is examined carefully, quality can never be an issue at Habereindia. Simple yet elegant these baskets are sure to seek attention.



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