HabereIndia - Dry grass dustbins/biodegradable dustbin/office dustbin/dry waste dustbin

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Product dimension :
length : 30 cm
width :15 cm
height :23 cm
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  • •\tMaterial: This dustbin is handwoven is a sequel pattern and made from Jute. It is portable and light, perfect for small spaces like your office cubicle or your study room.
  • •\tAt habereindia, we don’t compromise in quality, thus, this basket is superior in quality and at a very economical price.
  • •\tOpen dustbins are generally used to put dry waste. It is so portable that you can carry it to picnics or can be used in salons and parlours. Keep this under the tables in libraries, so that the surroundings are kept clean.
  • •\tThe length of the basket is 30 cm, breadth 15cm, height 23 cm, and diagonal length 38cm.
  • •\tStandard shipping takes about 5-7 days, depending on the availability of the product.
  • •\tThis product is quality for money. It’s very durable and its look won’t even change after several years.
  • •\tIt is modern and practical. It’s contemporary design makes it stylish and ideal for any look.

Description of product

Add a sophisticated and elegant look to your office or home with out dry grass dustbins. Switch to zero plastic use and save our Mother Earth. This plastic dustbin is light and portable. These dustbins are perfect for dry waste. Use them under your study table or your kitchen or in your office under your desk, this dustbin is worth buying.


Type Dustbin
Brand HabereIndia

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