HabereIndia-Agra Handmade Sphere Marble Diya Lampshade

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Product dimension :

  • •\tIt can be the perfect gift for a home-warming party or wedding party. •\tIt can also be used for a special pooja at your home. •\tYou can use it to light Diya in the temple at your home, it will diffuse good vibes throughout the house. •\tYou can use it in your room at Diwali or just to brighten it more.

Description of product

The elaborate work on the piece is called Undercut Jali work. It takes hours to come in shape and with the magical work of the artisan, this handmade marble Diya lampshade will make your home even more beautiful. Its unique design, fine finish and excellent durability will make sure that the guests leave impressed with the décor of your house. The Mughal mosques and tombs are carved with jail cut work which keeps the monuments rich in detail.

We have two variants for the marble Diya lampshade, choose the one which suits your décor.

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