HabereIndia-Agra Handmade Sphere Buddha Marble Showpiece

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  • •\tMeditating Buddha is a very powerful method to heal and overcome sickness or attachment, hatred or ignorance. •\tYou can gift it to your friend suffering from any sickness as a good charm. •\tIf you want to improve your meditating powers then you can keep the meditating Buddha on the side of your room to improve your focus.

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Made with the utmost care and dedication, this handmade buddha marble statue is sure to spread positive vibes in your surroundings. Inside the delicately carved sphere is Buddha in meditating position. Meditation Buddha, also known as Serenity Buddha is ideal for people who want peace and calm in their lives. In this pose, Buddha is depicted with his hands in his lap with his legs in a single lotus pose (one leg on the other) and also with closed eyes.

Lord Buddha presides over a celestial paradise called Sukhavati, which is a state of consciousness. Depicted in the gesture of meditation or mudra, this is a symbol of receptiveness and infinite openness.



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