Chillum Pipe/ shiva wooden chillum pipe/ Smoking Pipe

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Product dimension :

  • • Add class to your way of smoking with chillum. Crush the tobacco and put it in the chillum and then put a filter on top and smoke away.

Description of product

The type of tobacco pipe you use says a lot about you as a person. Lighting Chillum is the one of the oldest traditions in India. The tradition is to light chillum near Ganga and chant praises like ‘Boom Shankar’ and the chillum being passes to the person right in the circle. Keep the tradition alive with the shiva wooden chillum pipe and pass it in your circle. Made exclusively from Kashmiri wood, this chillum has a subtle shiva design on it. The chillum stone sits inside the pipe.


TypeChillum Pipe

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