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Trends for women

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Apr 14, 2019
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Fashion statements by Paris attract people’s attention. This year the new fashion statement was loud and clear: RUFFLES. From sleeves to collars, from pretty frills to decorations, ruffles are the biggest trend of the year. Doesn’t matter if you’re feminine or not, there will always be a certain style having ruffles that’ll embark on your design. Ruffles are romantic, but not in a carefree way. Ruffles equate love with epic poems and weeping in the fire escapes. Ruffled tops can be paired with pants or palazzos. There are literally 100s of occasions where ruffles would make sense.

All you need is to be confident and carry your ruffled dress with style.


  1. Denim:

This summer, the wide range of denims is hotter than ever. The soft and sexy denims are so comfortable that you’ll feel like living in them. From jeans to dresses to tops to shoes, Denim has conquered it all. Denim is never too much. Denim dungarees and jumpsuits are also in trend.

From a worker’s uniform to a symbol of youth rebellion and now an almost a daily wear and fashion statement, denim remains favourite for ages. With the changing wardrobe requirements of today, the denim is trying to make sportswear out of denim to fit into the changing wardrobes. In today’s world of internet, people are always eagerly looking for fashion trends and thus, the fashion makers have pulled up their socks and are trying to improve their fashion with time.


  1. pastels:

Thinking that the pastels this season are frivolous would be a great horror. Rose tinted skirts and shirts with matching blazers give a new meaning to power suits. Pastel coloured pant suits are in trend. Rather than accessorizing the dress, the runways have shown the power of pastels from head to toe by making the pastel dresses a huge success. Pastels have become a fashionistas favourite, from hand bags to home decorations everything is preferably designed in pastel colours now.

Pastels are a great way to change your wardrobe after the dull winter and autumn clothing.


  1. Handmade Dry grass bags:

Dry grass bags from Habere India are a master piece will steal hearts and attract eyes. Style them with a Kurta or a dress. their elegant design will go well in any traditional as well as the western outfit. It’s time to make a change and reduce the of plastic bags with one beautiful, colourful and elegant jute bag. The bags have ample space for you to carry all your essentials. Add chic straw Bag to your collection. Enroute the world of glamour with eco-friendly bags from Habere India.

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