The story of Lord Ganesha

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Feb 07, 2019

The story of Lord Ganesha


This is the story of the Birth of Lord Ganesha . One fine day on Mount Kailash, Goddess Parvati was preparing for a bath. Not wanting to be disturbed, she told her husband, Lord Shiva's Bull Nandi, to let no one pass and guard the door. Intending to carry out the orders, Nandi took the post faithfully to guard the door. But, when Shiva came Home, Nandi had to let him pass, as he was loyal to Lord Shiva first over the Goddess. Parvati was angry not only at the slight, but also on the fact that she had no one for herself that was as loyal as Nandi to Lord Shiva. So, she took the turmeric paste, which she was using for the bath, took it from her body to breathe life into it, to create her own loyal son, Ganesha.

The next time when she wanted to take a bath, she asked her loyal son Ganesha over Nandi to guard her door. Once again, Lord Shiva came home, but this time was met by a stranger, a boy, telling him that he wasn't allowed to enter his own house! Fuming, Shiva commanded his loyal army to take care of the boy but all their strengths failed! So powerful was the son of the Goddess.

Surprised, Shiva understood this was no ordinary boy, the peaceful Lord decided to fight Ganesha, only to severe his head off in his divine fury, and killing Ganesha. When Goddess Parvati came to know of her Son's death, she was enraged and decided to annihilate the whole creation. The Creator, Lord Brahma pleaded to her to reconsider her plan. She Agreed but only if her conditions were met, that Ganesha be brought back to life and for forever, be worshipped before all the gods.

Shiva realised his mistake and agreed to her demands. He sent Lord Brahma to bring him the head of the first creature he spots that is laying facing the North direction. Brahma returns with the head of a powerful elephant, which Shiva places where Ganesha's head would've been. Breathing new life into him, he also claims Ganesha as his son. And gives him the status of being worshipped before the rest!

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