The importance of Indian Handicrafts

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Mar 11, 2019
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 India is a country of rich culture, traditions and history, India is one of the major producers of Handicrafts. It has been a major supplier for quite some time. Before the industrial development, this art was a major source of income for many.
The handicrafts play a very important role, as they act as representation of a country's traditions and cultures. They act as a medium to preserve rich traditional art, heritage and culture. They preserve the talents and the skills which are associated with lifestyles in our history.
The importance of handicrafts has surged during recent years, because of their economic and cultural values. The small scale industries play a major role in developing Economy of any Country, and Handicrafts is an example of that. In Countries like India and China, handicrafts are as high as mechanical products in quality and volume produced, and thus a major source of foreign earning. Thus these countries make the development of Handicrafts a prime focus, to boost their economy even more. Another benefit is handicrafts provide ample opportunity for people with low investments.
The Indian Handicrafts industry is decentralised, cottage based and a labor intensive industry. The Industries are spread all over the country in both rural and urban areas. The Handicrafts market has huge potential not only in India but abroad too. In India, this industry is a major income provider for the rural people, as it employees 6 million artisans, including women and the weaker groups of society.
This sector is quite creative and produces large amounts of crafts. It is a localised segment of the international and domestic markets. Because of low cost of investment, people can also set up small scale industries. Although it is considered as a cottage industry, the Handicrafts industry has become a major source of Income, with a consistent growth of 15% over the last few years.

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