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The fall of Mughal empire

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Mar 24, 2019

Mughal empire was the second largest empire in the Indian subcontinent, covering over 1.544 million square miles. It lasted for more than 200 years due to its acceptance of local customs, religions, traditions and culture. The empire started to end when Aurangzeb started losing its power and stability.

Rulers after Aurangzeb were unable to restore peace and power. During the 18th century, the empire lost stability with many fighting for control. War broke out and many people were killed. Under Muhammad shah, a significant amount of empire was lost to the Maratha Empire and several Mughal elites started forming small kingdoms. This led to the eventual falling of the Mughal empire

Just as when the Mughal empire was losing power, England was beginning its Industrial power. The revolution required raw material and India was able to provide the materials necessary to keep the revolution growing. To obtain these materials the British established the East India Company, which interfered with local political instability and took advantage of it. This instability was the perfect window of opportunity for The East India Company to establish control over the local affairs of India and gain power. Eventually, they established their own administrative departments and military power. Shareholders of the EIC held meetings to discuss the future of the company.

By 1813, The british government forced the East India Company to work on behalf of the British government. In 1857, Indian citizens took part in the Indian rebellion, which caused the British government to exile the last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah II. Hence, the British took complete control over the Indian Subcontinent.

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