The benefits of rugs and carpets

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Feb 12, 2019

An Area rug is a perfect addition to hardwood floors, be it tiles or hardwood. There are many reasons why these carpets and rugs are so popular. And while people might wonder why they need to cover their beautiful floors, the benefits might make up their mind. Perhaps the most basic reason is the look, as carpets are knows to bring together all the designs of your room and complete the look. But there are a lot many reasons to have them, which you can find here.

For starters, they reduce noise in your room. Not only the footsteps, but they absorb the other sounds in the room. Most hard floor rooms also have an echo, but with a rug, that won't be a problem anymore. Also, Comfort is another benefit that you might like. It's obvious that the carpet is much more comfortable than the tiles and it's easier to stand on a carpet than a hard floor. The carpet also takes absorbs the impact of your footsteps. That will eventually lead to less pressure on your feet, which makes walking in home easier and comfortable.

If softness made you like them, then the Warmth will make you buy one now. We've all faced the chilly hard floors during winters, and how cold the tiles become during the nights. Carpets provide greater insulation, that not only makes walking around a warm experience for your feet, but also makes the room temperature better, which helps a lot in winters.

A rug would also help you to fill up your rooms, and make it feel like more of a living space, while connecting your different furniture together in some sort of a way that you can only feel when you've a carpet. Surprisingly, Carpets also help those with Allergies, by having a good effect when controlling allergens in your home. While for years people have been told to ditch carpets as they might trap allergens, they are now being told to keep one for the same reasons. Carpets trap allergens keeping them away from you and the air, so you don't end up breathing them.

So, you see there are many benefits of having a rug, so it's about time you chose one with the style of your liking from Habereindia where there’s a wide range of products from jute and handwoven carpets to panda doormats and panda bear rugs, we have them all. Surf through our website and choose from a wide range of hand knotted woollen rugs. It is difficult to find carpets and rugs online but with habereindia finding the best quality rug has never been easier.

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