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The benefits of Darjeeling tea

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Apr 11, 2019

Darjeeling tea aka the champagne of teas is grown at the foot of the Himalayas in West Bengal, India and is the purest tea worldwide. There are many types of Darjeeling teas including oolong, black, white and green tea. Though, there are so many colours of Darjeeling tea available but it is marketed as black tea. Darjeeling tea is light and completely oxidised.

  1. Abundant in anti oxidants:

Darjeeling teas just like other teas contain antioxidants just like other teas. Antioxidants combat free radicals. It is especially abundant in antioxidants such as thearubigins and theaflavins, which are two large, complex compounds. A deficit of antioxidants raises the risk for chronic illnesses, causes cellular damage and accelerates ageing.


  1. Helps in reducing cancer risk:

Darjeeling tea contains polyphenolic compounds which prevent tumor through other antioxidants. Also, it has anti-mutagenic properties which reduce cell reproduction.


  1. Promotes weight loss:

Darjeeling tea is the perfect ingredient for health and weight conscious people. It is very low in calories and thus, it can be used as a dietary aide. Substitute carbonated drinks with Darjeeling tea and reduce your calorie intake. Also, the caffeine content in it is enough to provide more energy.


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