The benefits of cotton

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Apr 11, 2019

The Benefits of Cotton

Cotton is a natural choice because:

  1. A better night’s sleep: Cotton provides a better night’s sleep than synthetic fibres because it naturally allows the skin to breathe and also doesn’t trap the heat under the covers. We have research proofs to back us up here!


  1. Fewer Washes required: Since cotton doesn’t retain odours, you can save a couple of trips to the laundry room and re-wear the cotton clothes a few times. Also, you’ll save money, water, energy and hey! Your clothes will last longer.


  1. Comfortable: From athletic wear to evening wear, from work to play. The cotton fibre is so strong that it can be knitted into a bunch of many fabrics like corduroy, lace, velour and chambray. So don’t worry, cotton has got your back.


  1. Durable: you can count on cotton as it’s strong and also you don’t have to worry about getting the fibres dirty. Stock your closet with cotton because it’s better in the ling haul.


  1. Low Maintenance: Cotton is way easier to wash than other fabrics. So, skip the work and let the washing machine do all the work and also, enjoy with the miney you’ve saved from the dry cleaners.


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