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order snacks that taste just like home

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Feb 12, 2019
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Is the hostel life troubling you for good food? Are everyday meals making you miss homemade food? We understand your pain and thus, have a whole range curated for the hostelers and the people working outside the comfort of their home. Add a touch of home with every meal and enjoy the best parts of the free life. Our products, especially pickles, are sure to remind you of the food and snacks made by your mother and grandmother and the best part is, they are equally healthy too. Here are a few products from the wide range of food products at Habereindia:
Add the tanginess to your meal with Raja pickles. Available in many different flavours, these delicious and finger-licking worthy pickles would remind you of your home. Eat hot and crisp paranthas with these pickles and see your self crave for more. Made with the best quality of oil and spices, these pickles add a balance to your meal. Not too spicy, not too sweet, these are just perfect to satisfy your ‘khatta-meetha' cravings.
Papads are an essential part of any meal, they add the crunch and taste to a meal. To save you from the unhealthy papads of the market, we have curated a range of different papads made with the utmost hygienic conditions. Fry them in oil and serve them hot and crisp. These papads will remind you of the homemade papads your grandmother used to make. Ranging from garlic papad to moong dal papad, we have over 10 varieties of papad, try them today.
Namkeen – Raja Makka seb:
For the days when you're working late at nights and you're hungry, we have Raja Namkeens to your rescue. Raja Makka Seb is a plain bhujia made with the best ingredients. You can Mix the namkeen with your poha or make a chaat. We guarantee it to be so delicious that you'll order more. We have 2 variants, 400 gram and 800 grams, order the variant that suits your needs.
To satiate your midnight cravings, we bring you the delicious and crunchy Wadis from Rajasthan and Amritsar. India can be described as ‘One country, Many wadis'. Made by skilled cooks, these wadis are healthy as well as tasty. In case you have a trip planned, carry them along so that you don't munch on any unhealthy crackers on the way.
Tasty Digestives:
We know that digestives aren't homemade but due to the heavy and sometimes unhealthy food of the canteens and mess you can have stomach problems, thus, digestives are essential.
We have often seen people selling digestives and imli on a ferry, but are they healthy? So many times, unhealthy digestives cause problems like food poisoning, but at Habereindia, we guarantee quality. Feel the tanginess of our products made hygienically and carefully. One bite of our digestives will leave you craving for more. They will also help you in digesting your food easily.
So, what are you waiting for? Order delicious, healthy and home-made delicacies from and enjoy your days living away from home.

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