Need to empower artisans

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Mar 24, 2019
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The treasures of India’s textiles and crafts that occupied a place of pride in the lives of royalty, today lie lost in the annals of time, fighting a battle for their survival with the trend-driven market. Indian weaving traditions represent many unique sub cultures of the country. The patterns, motifs and techniques of woven textiles change every 100 kms and thus, they have given a unique identification to the people of every region.

Preservation of the Indian weaves has become a necessary issue because it cannot be overlooked any longer. The world has just started noticing the unique designs and the immensely unique heritage, hence, this is the time when the craftsmen should reap the rewards instead of giving up on the art.

There are many challenges faced by the weaving community. Firstly, the younger generation is not interested in learning the art as they do not find it financially viable and thus, kill the family tradition. This lack of faith in the family traditions blooms from limited infrastructure upgrades at the district, state and cluster level.

Secondly, the handloom industry continuously poses a threat to the market and the sales that once handicrafts enjoyed. Though the number of exports have gone up, the artisans are decreasing, thus posing an authenticity issue as to what is being pushed forward as handmade.

Other challenges are inadequate raw material and infrastructure. The entry of e-commercesites like Habere India and others play a key role in raising the hopes and empowering artisans across the country, giving them freedom to choose buyers. Buy products from Habere India and help us empower the artisans all across the nation to grow and let the art of handicraft sustain.

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