How e-commerce transforms traditional craft

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Apr 03, 2019

Digital tools are a powerful tool for enabling the artisans to connect directly with markets and get affordable credit for their work. An emerging ecosystem of affordable communication tools, online marketplaces, entrepreneurship programmes, online consumer communities, local designs archives, and crowd funding for artisans entrepreneurs holds promises for change.

The growth of e-commerce platforms particularly the online market has allowed the artisans to connect with patrons. The prolific use of whatsapp and facebook by the artisans to attract buyers is a trend to stay. Artisans can share their designs and their work in progress with the customers even after living in a remote area.

 A growing young tribe of designers are collaborating with artisans to transform their designs according to the aesthetic of Indian crafts appealing to the international market. Digital tools are being used to save the designs in archives and encouraging the young generation to join the folk arts. Many start-ups are being laid down to provide the touch of Indian handicraft all over the world. They remain in contact with the artisans and then pay them the assured amount, encouraging them to keep their art alive and running in the family.

Today Indian Handicrafts have an unstoppable growth in the global market. To support the artisans, many handicrafts sites have been launched. The best out of those is Habere India.

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