Housewarming Gift Items

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Mar 23, 2019

House warming party Gift items

When it comes to house warming party, one is always confused on how to gift beautiful and different gifts. Here are a few things you can find on Habere India that’ll work as perfect cheap and beautiful house warming gifts. You can also checkout the wide range of carpets and dry grass products.


  1. Handmade marble Diya Lampshade:


Brighten your house with this beautiful and aesthetic Meenakari show piece made from pure marble. Lampshades of lighter colours spread more light in the room and dark coloured lampshades give more of a diffused light. But unlike the usual lampshades, this lampshade uses diyas to give you the perfect vintage experience. Meenakari was the art form which was highly acknowledged by the Mughals, who really loved the touch of Meenakari on marble, jewellery and other precious items. We provide two variants in the Marble-diya lampshade with different colours.


Ways to use the Marble-Diya Lampshade

  • It can be the perfect gift for a home-warming party or wedding party.
  • It can also be used for a special pooja at your home.
  • You can use it to light diya in the temple at your home, it will diffuse good vibes throughout the house.
  • You can use it in your room at Diwali or just to brighten it more.


  1. Handmade sphere Buddha Marble:

Made with utmost care and dedication, this handmade buddha marble statue is sure to spread positive vibes in your surroundings. Inside the delicately carved sphere is Buddha in meditating position. Meditation Buddha, also known as Serenity Buddha is ideal for people who want peace and calm in their lives. In this pose, Buddha is depicted with his hands in his lap with his legs in a single lotus pose (one leg on the other) and also with closed eyes.

Lord Buddha presides over a celestial paradise called Sukhavati, or "realm of bliss," which in Buddhism is understood to be a state of consciousness. Depicted in the mudra or gesture of meditation, this is a symbol of infinite openness and receptiveness.


  1. Handmade Marble Diya Lampshade:


The elaborate work on the piece is called Undercut Jali work. It takes hours to come in shape and with the magical work of the artisan, this handmade marble diya lampshade will make your home even more beautiful. It’s unique design, fine finish and excellent durability will make sure that the guests leave impressed with the décor of your house. The Mughal mosques and tombs are carved with jail cut work which keeps the monuments rich in detail.

We have two variants for the marble diya lampshade, choose the one which suits your décor.



  1. Radha Krishna Talpatrachitra:

The love between Radha and Krishna is made evident by this handmade patrachitra. Radha and Krishna lost in each others eyes attracts the attention. The painting is beautifully outlined with a dark frame to bring out the beauty of the painting better. It is sure to spread love just as pure as that of radha and krishna. Krishna is also one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Bless a couple with this palm leaves painting and wish for a love as pure as that of Krishna and Radha to remain between them.

We also have several other variants depicting other scenes from Krishna’s life, you should check them out too.


  1. Train Dry Fruit Box:

Welcome the happy times or the season of festivals and celebrate with Family and Friends. This multi-purpose box made from paper machè technique is a regional speciality of Rajasthan. Designed and decorated intricately, this box is sure to add more happiness to your celebrations. This premium quality box is dirt resistant, dimensionally accurate and has a captivating design.


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