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Handmade Daris from Mirzapur

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Apr 11, 2019

Mirzapur – Handmade cotton and wool dari and Panda doormats

The city of rulers, Mirzapur is located in Uttar Pradesh is replete with gushing waterfalls, ruddy mountains and crumbling and ageing monuments. The city smells of and breathes age and history. It is a quaint city and is yet to feature on the top destinations in India list but the beautiful mountain rimmed city is a perfect low budget weekend getaway. The city has the contribution of the Paleolithic culture, Mughal culture and British autocracy.

Mirzapur is not only blessed with nature’s bountiful nature but is also a hub for metal utensils and carpets. The craftsmen of the earlier times were skilled and meticulous in their work, they passed their skill from one generation to the other and thus, the skill stayed in the family. Just like the hand woven sarees of Benaras, Mirzapur boasts of the carpets made with traditional weaving techniques.

Get the one of a kind carpets of Mirzapur delivered to you in the comfort of your home by Habereindia. Here are a few carpets that are available on our site.

  1. Handmade jute dari

Elegant and simple mats are more surprisingly the basic part of your basic maintenance. Not only do they bring out the beauty of your furniture, but also keep the floor clean. Our handmade cotton and woollen dari is perfect for you if you have dark coloured furniture. It is also perfect for you to meditate. Floor mats are an essential in meditation. This hand knotted woollen Dari will last for a lifetime. The best part about it is that it is light enough to be regularly washed and is anti-skid. It has a soft Polyester and memory foam filling.


Ways to use the cotton and woollen dari

  • It can be used to cover your floor to prevent it from dust particles.
  • It can be used during a pooja as a place for the people to sit.
  • It can be used as a yoga mat and is very light so you can carry it to your yoga class everyday.


  1. Handmade Designer mats:

Door Mats are an essential in every household or offices to keep away the dirt and moisture from outside. Carpet mats are an economical option to prevent water and dirt from being brought inside. Also, they are super easy to clean. You can wash them or vacuum clean them. Our door mats are so light that they can be washed regularly at home. These designer door mats specially designed by the artisans of Mirzapur are available in 5 variants at economic prizes. They are anti skid and have a polyester and memory foam filling.


Ways to use the door mats:

  • Door mats can be used anywhere in the building to prevent slipping.
  • They can be used to prevent dirt from entering the premises of a building.
  • Door mats add a glamour quotient to your interiors and exteriors.


  1. Panda Door mat:


If you have a little kid in your house, these Panda door mats are perfect for his/her room. These panda door mats are sure to warm one’s heart with their cuteness. Even if you’re fond of cute stuff, these panda door mats work for you. They will not only represent the cute panda in you but will also prevent dust and dirt from entering your room. They’re very eye catching and your little ones are sure to love it. They are also kid-safe as they are anti-skid.


Ways to use the Panda door mats:

  • Outside your room to enhance the cuteness factor.
  • Are a nice birthday gift to a child.

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