Gifts for relatives

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Apr 12, 2019

Gifts for relatives


Stumped on what to gift your relatives on their party? Don’t worry folks! We’ve got you. Habere India provides you with a range of products that you can gift to your relatives

  1. Handmade Elephant Marble Oil diffuser:

Help in spread positive vibes in his home or office with our elephant marble oil diffuser. This very unique aroma spreader is made from natural stone and is a perfect blend of quality and beauty. The intricate carving on the face of the elephant attracts the eyes and shows the hard work put in by the artisan to create this masterpiece. Put essential oil in the cup provided and keep it under the elephant and smell the fragrance in your surrounding.

Create a positive and happy aura for him all day long and enjoy his happy mood!


  • Handmade Marble Candle/agarbatti Holder:


Choosing the right candle holder is just as important as getting the right candle. Our handmade marble candle holder is sure to take his breath away with its elegance and beauty. Provide an alluring look to your décor with this white beauty. Carved intricately, this marble candle holder is sure to add stars to his décor. You can also use scented candles or agarbatti or dhoopbatti to have a calming vibe all over your house. It is a combination of beauty and durability rolled into one beautiful marble piece.

Keeping it around in his office will make it look all the more beautiful and will spread good vibes.


3.Handmade dry grass Laundry Bag:

Help in cleaning his room with our handmade dry grass laundry bag. Put it in the corner of his room and let him throw all his dirty clothes in it, so that his room stays clean and he can carry them to the washing area easily. Developed by artisans with their utmost love and passion and with each and every detail is examined carefully, quality can never be an issue at Habereindia. Simple yet elegant our baskets are sure to seek attention.

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