Evolution of the Indian handicrafts

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Mar 22, 2019

Evolution OF The Indian Handicrafts


Indian handicrafts are not only famous in India now but also all around the world. From being the choices of high class people like royal kings and queens to being easily accessible to everyone for decorating their homes, the Indian handicrafts have evolved magnificently. They represent the style, dignity and beauty of the Indian culture.

Indian handcrafts have survived the test of time and are being used since more than thousand years.  The museums hold artifacts from the Indus valley civilisation. Now, the designs of these products has been more inclined towards the usage of these products for the common people. The Indian handicraftsmen have never failed to supply beautiful and exquisite products to people.

A look into the old forms of artifacts show a high degree of excellence in the field of sculpture, pottery, jewellery, weaving and many more. The people of Harrapan civilisation made products according to the need of the common people and supplied them overseas also. During this civilisation pottery items made of clay, wood and metal were very popular.

The Mauryan age focussed on the art of sculptor making. During this era many stupas with beautiful stone carvings were built. Making of contemporary jewellery also flourished in this era. Due to the absence of machines, most of the work was done by hands. It reflected on the incredible talents of people. The items were made to fulfil basic needs and also for decoration.

When the manufacturers started trading these products to other countries, people got acquainted with Indian Handicrafts. To impress the kings and the queens, the craftsmen started making beautiful products and show their skills, differentiating them from others in the group.

Today Indian Handicrafts have an unstoppable growth in the global market. To support the artisans, many handicrafts sites have been launched. The best out of those is Habere India.

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