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  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Mar 12, 2019

  1. Handmade marble Diya Lampshade:


Brighten your house with this beautiful and aesthetic Meenakari show piece made from pure marble. Lampshades of lighter colours spread more light in the room and dark coloured lampshades give more of a diffused light. But unlike the usual lampshades, this lampshade uses diyas to give you the perfect vintage experience. Meenakari was the art form which was highly acknowledged by the Mughals, who really loved the touch of Meenakari on marble, jewellery and other precious items. We provide two variants in the Marble-diya lampshade with different colours.


  1. Handmade spherical Marble Diya Lampshade:


The elaborate work on the piece is called Undercut Jali work. It takes hours to come in shape and with the magical work of the artisan, this handmade marble diya lampshade will make your home even more beautiful. It’s unique design, fine finish and excellent durability will make sure that the guests leave impressed with the décor of your house. The Mughal mosques and tombs are carved with jail cut work which keeps the monuments rich in detail.

We have two variants for the marble diya lampshade, choose the one which suits your décor.



  1. Handmade dry grass dustbins:

Add a sophisticated and elegant look to your office or home with out dry grass dustbins. Switch to zero plastic use and save our Mother Earth. This plastic dustbin is light and portable. These dustbins are perfect for dry waste. Use them under your study table or your kitchen or in your office under your desk, this dustbin is worth buying.


  1. Marble pen stand:

Place this marble pen stand on the table on your office or on the study table at your home. This pen stand is handmade in Rajasthan and is sure to add more beauty to your table. It is designed and painted beautifully even on the borders and has a printed background.


  1. Handmade dry grass Laundry Bag:

Is the pile of dirty clothes covering most of your room? Time to clean it! And our laundry basket is here to help. Put it in the corner of your room and throw all your dirty clothes in it, so that your room stays clean and you can carry them to the washing area easily. Developed by artisans with their utmost love and passion and with each and every detail is examined carefully, quality can never be an issue at Habereindia. Simple yet elegant these baskets are sure to seek attention


  1. Handmade Elephant Marble Oil diffuser:

Spread positive vibes in your home or office with our elephant marble oil diffuser. This very unique aroma spreader is made from natural stone and is a perfect blend of quality and beauty. The intricate carving on the face of the elephant attracts the eyes and shows the hard work put in by the artisan to create this masterpiece. Put essential oil in the cup provided and keep it under the elephant and smell the fragrance in your surrounding.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your designer juices to work, and decorate your room with these exquisite products! We promise the best quality products at affordable prices. You can checkout Palm leaves paintings and jewellery and kurtis too!

Have a nice day!

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