Crafts of Manipur

  • By Shefali Ahuja

Crafts of Manipur
Manipur occupies a prized place in the world of art and culture. The ancient craft of India has seen its development in the north-eastern state of Manipur. Manipur literally means ‘Land of jewels’ and is blessed with lush greenery all around. Manipur not only boasts of the picturesque landscapes and beautiful hills but also its rich tradition and cultural heritage.
The crafts of Manipur showcase the creativity and the dedication of the people. The state is one of the largest producers of bamboo crafts in India. Made with utmost precision, these products will surely seek attention.
Here are a few crafts of Manipur:
1. Cane and bamboo crafts:

Cane and bamboo crafts of Manipur are widespread due to the abundance of bamboo. Also, the production is high due to the high demand in the international market. Bamboo and cane are used to create light-weight products like mats, baskets, lightweight furniture, stools, ashtrays, flower vase, etc. You can decorate your home by using these products to provide an ethnic look to your home. These products are inexpensive and beautiful. You can also use bamboo and cane made furniture in your homes and offices.

2. Kauna Crafts:

Kauna also known as water reed is mostly cultivated in marshy and wetland regions. Kauna is majorly produced in Manipur and is used to manufacture mats and cushions. More than 1000 craftsmen are engaged to make products from Kauna in the Imphal valley. Crafts created are used in the local as well as export markets. UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France and UAE are the major markets of Kauna products. Products made from Kauna are durable due to the high strength of the grass. Moreover, they are eco-friendly. The reed is cut near the base of the plant and is dried in the sun.

3. Pottery:

Pottery is the art of making products by hand using clay. The skilled artisans of Manipur use their talent in moulding the clay into beautiful products like flower vase, bowls, showpieces, etc which are adorned by everyone. This art not only reflects the culture but also the social life of the people of Manipur. Different colour combinations are used to make these pots even more attractive.

4. Block Printing:

Block printing is the art of printing different patterns on fabrics using patterned blocks. This art form uses natural colours and is used to make bedsheets, sarees, etc. This handicraft is an amazing proof of the talent of the artisans of Manipur, they can make any fabric look extraordinary. This artform not only attracts locals but also tourists. In the older times, the chiefs of the villages were gifted ‘Khamen Chatpa’ which is a handprinted block towel. Block printed dresses are worn in traditional ceremonies in Manipur.

5. Wood carving:

Wood carving is a very famous practice in Manipur due to the abundance of wood. The wood is carved very beautifully by the craftsmen of Manipur to create beautiful products like boxes, almirahs, and home décor. They also make utility items like dinner sets, trays and spoons which add a traditional touch to your home.

6. Stone Carvings:

Stone carving is an old tradition which is followed by the people of Manipur. Artisans make effective use of stone to carve pictures of gods and goddesses, home décor items like flower vases, candle stands and stone glasses. This artform depicts the concentration and dedication of the artisans of Manipur.

Manipur is the state covered with lush green forests with skilled artisans who are carrying the legacy of beautiful products forward. To order special dry grass products from Manipur, check out, where you can find beautiful products at economical prices.

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