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Carpets from UP

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Apr 03, 2019

Durries are made by skilled artisans on a vertical or horizontal traditional loom. They can be used throughout the year. The cotton durrie is cold in summers and warm in winters. Varanasi, bhadoi and Mirzapur together form the carpet weaving hub of India. They were set up by the Persian weavers in the 17th century.

High quality, handmade and hand knotted carpets with around 200 knots per square inch are made in Mirzapur and Badhohi, which are the largest producer of carpets in the country. Silk and wool are knotted on a cotton foundation in Tibetan and Persian knots fashion. Knotting is done via a vertical loom. A carpet requires about 4 people and the pile is clipped during the weaving and carefully after.

The weavers live the villages around the industry and are mostly famers who weave carpets in between seasons. Durrie weaving is an Indian craft that has found its place in the international market for the patterened weave structures of Mirzapur. Striped and Panja durries were woven by the women of Agra in their backyards. The craft is now a major industry. Muslim weavers weave durries in Aligarh. Panja durries are woven using the weft faced tapestry technique.

During the Mughal era, prayer rugs – mussalahs and saf were woven for the mosques of Agra. Large blue andwhite striped durries were woven in workshops for darbars, palaces and courts. Carpets depicting daily live, flora and fauna were made for the british. The weaved weaved via a horizontal loom. Weavers now tend to use lighter colours and give stone wash to brighter colours.

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