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Benefits of Jute Bag

  • By Shefali Ahuja
  • •  Feb 27, 2019

Jute is a crop largely grown in India, and considered an eco friendly alternative to Synthetic fibres and plastics. The "Golden Fibre" as it is also known as, it is beneficial to both the planet and us humans. Right from its start it helps the environment, as it requires less fertilisers to grow. It's popularity was affected by the increase of dependence on Plastic bags. But now there has been a shift back to jute due to the shunning of Plastic bags.
While Jute is a little most expensive to produce then plastic, plastic hurts the environment in return. Even the production of plastic causes carbon dioxide emissions that lead to global warming. Plastic leaves behind non degradable waste and hurts the fertility of the soil.
Jute offers versatility in usage because of its properties such as low extensibility, very high tensile strength and much better breathe ability. The fact that it is bio degradable makes it environment friendly as it leads no waste behind. The Jute crops also help in cleaning the environment, a hectare of Jute crops can absorbs 16 tons of Carbon Dioxide and give out 10 tons of Oxygen in a crop season which helps against Global Warming.
Jute crops increase the fertility of the soil while also helping in improving its conditions. It also requires much less land compared to other crops to grow similar amounts. The remaining land can be used to grow other important crops. Jute also eases the pressure on our limited petroleum stocks as plastic and it's materials are made using petroleum products.
This helps in conserving the important resource. Jute requires very low amounts of Pesticides and Fertilizers for growing and it's production and that of its products is very environment friendly. It also acts as an alternative to wood as it is used in paper bags and furniture too. It has a much shorter harvesting time compared to trees and it's dry stem can also be used as firewood. This eventually eases the stress on trees, helps in increasing their number and in turn helps the environment.

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